Friday, October 14, 2016

Engagement Photographer | S&M Sylvan Lake Engagement

Heading to Sylvan to photograph an amazing couples engagement photos and what do I see.......little white flakes falling from the sky. 
It can't be, it's to early! As I approach my beautiful fall location the wind picks up and the tiny flakes fall by the millions. My fall location quickly turns into a winter wonderland! 

We decided to go ahead with the session as everyone was ready. There is something so beautiful about the first snowfall. It is hard not to feel like a little kid again, catching flakes and feeling the tickle on your nose. 

It was oh so cold but unbelievably romantic as the flakes fell around them they giggled and smiled, slipping and sliding. Just like the first snowfall this is the beginning of a new wonderful journey together.

Over the years I have seen many loves and many different personalities but my favourite is the ones that warm your soul from laughter and smiles. Something that was very much in abundance that day.

I truly can't wait to photograph your wedding day it will be just as amazing and full of love!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fall Family Photographer | Williams Family

Little did we know this would be my last fall session :( so short this year! Hoping for some nice weather still to come!

The Williams family is growing up so fast, each personality ever changing. This year everyone was eager to do photos so perfect. 
Even had time to sneak a few in of mom and dad.

Fall Family Photographer | The Wong Family

I love seeing families year after year, the changes are always amazing! These little ones are warm and make me feel so loved. Thank you for another amazing session it is always such a pleasure.